TCS CodeVita 2020 Season 9 : Programming Contest Information

TCS Codevita 2020 Season 9 Coding Contest Registration Open For 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Batch College Graduates. TCS also conducts Campus Recruitment through codevita 2020 contest. Every Year TCS Hires Engineering Graduates through Placement Drive, TCS NQT, TCS Digital Drive also Hires Students directly through TCS CodeVita 2020. Top Ranked Students directly called for Interview through CodeVita. Here We are sharing complete process as well tips to crack CodeVita.

TCS CodeVita Season 9 Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from institutes across India who are completing their academic course in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 alone are eligible for this contest.
  • Registrations are invited from students in undergraduate (UG)/ postgraduate (PG) programs related to engineering/science background with any specialization.
  • Any Branch/Batch Student Eligibile for CodeVita.

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TCS CodeVita Registration Process

Interested Students Register On the TCS Campus Commune And TCS NextStep Portal. Registration link for codevita login given at the end of the post. TCS Codvita registration last date is 05th July enroll before the deadline.

This is Best Opportunity to get Select in TCS, If you clear the first Round you may get Direct Interview call for TCS without any Aptitude, So well prepare for TCS CodeVita Season 9.

TCS CodeVita Season 9 Important Dates:-

Registration17th March 2020, 15:30 UTC05th July 2020, 18:30 UTCOnline
Pre Qualifier Zonal Round9th Aug, 2020, 09:30 UTC30th Aug, 2020, 09:30 UTCOnline
Qualifier Round7th November 2020, 09:30 UTC8th November 2020, 09:30 UTCOnline
Grand Finale17th February 2021, 03:30 UTC17th February 2021, 12:30 UTCAt the Venue

TCS CodeVita Season 9 2020 Exam Pattern

The TCS Codevita Consist of Following three rounds each of the elimination round. you must needs to clear each round to appear for next round.

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1) CodeVita Pre- Qualifier Round:

In this round, there will be a 24 hours contest window and each participant is provided with 6 hours of time to solve the questions. Pre-Qualifier round is done in India as well as the rest of the world separately. This season there will be two zonal rounds in INDIA for Pre-Qualifier. A participant will be tagged to one of the two zonal rounds and you can choose any of the 6 hours to start your challenge.

Programming languages available are:C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

2) CodeVita Qualifier Round:

This season Qualifier Round (Round 2) would happen after the completion of all the Pre-Qualifier rounds across the world. Top performers from the zonal rounds globally will move into this round. Each participant will be provided with 6 hours of time to solve & complete this round.

3) CodeVitaGrand Finale:

This round will be held in one of the TCSL offices in India. Top 3 contestants will be declared as winners of the contest. The grand finale is tentatively scheduled to be conducted in the last week of February 2021.

How To Prepare TCS CodeVita Season 9:

Just clear your basics Data Structure And algorithm techniques as well practice as much you can on competitive Programming, Practice on some Coding website such as Hackerearth, Hackerrank, Geeksforgeeks, Codechef, Codeforces. Just focus on your one Programming language rather than learning more. Practice as you can if you clear the first round you can get direct Interview call from TCS.

Previous Year CodeVita Questions

Questions asked in TCS CodeVita from Different Data Structure and Algorithm asked some of as follows.

  • Max Flow Problem
  • Segment Trees
  • Bit-masking DP
  • Pattern matching and Pattern searching – Z algorithm, Rabin-Karp algorithm, KMP algorithm
  • DFS and BFS
  • Dijkstra, Kruskal
  • Coin Sum
  • Subset Sum
  • Knapsack
  • Min Cost Path
  • DFS with memorization
  • DFS in matrices

TCS Codevita Season 9 Login Link:

To register tcs codevita 2020 season 9 contest register on the following login link. [Registration Closed]

Click Here To TCS CodeVita 2020 Season 9 Registration

TCS Codevita 2020 Season 9 Contest Link : Click Here

TCS Codevita Result

TCS Codevita Result will be available soon on the official TCS Codevita 2020 Page . To View the TCS CodeVita Result Open the following Season 9 link.

FAQ For TCS CodeVita 2020

How many rounds are there in CodeVita?

There are 3 Round in TCS CodeVita 2020.

How can I participate in TCS CodeVita?

To Register for TCS Codevita enroll on the TCS Campus Commune and TCS Nextstep portal.

What is TCS CodeVita 2020?

TCS CodeVita 2020 is India’s largest Programming competition for Engineering and Science students to participate in real time coding problems and also get a job Opportunity in Tata Consultancy Services. The Competition open for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Passing Out Graduates.

How many rounds are there in CodeVita?

There are 3 Round in TCS CodeVita 2020.

Does TCS hire through CodeVita?

Yes, the top coders will get direct opportunity to work with TCS. Who cleared all 3 Round will get direct Offer letter as well students who crack Round 1 also get Interview call from TCS.

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