Infosys Campus Recruitment 2020 Technical Interview Questions

Infosys Hires Fresh Engineering Graduates through Campus Recruitment Placement Drive, Here Mostly Asked Interview Questions in Infosys Placement.

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Infosys Technical Interview Questions

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Infosys Technical round basically checks your general Technical background questions. Main Subjects on which questions asked as follows.

  • Data Structure, C, Algorithm
  • OOPS, CPP, Java
  • Software Engineering & Testing
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networking
  • Database Management System
  • Hardware Released Microprocessor, Digital Circuit, Computer Architecture,
  • Some Basics from New Technologies, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning

Example Of Questions Asked In Infosys Technical Interview:

  • What are the various steps involved in Life cycle’s Development?
  • What do you know about IPv4 and IPv6? Differentiate between them.
  • What is difference and similarity between C and C++ ?
  • What is a pointer in C? What is its use?
  • Tell us the difference between C & embedded C.
  • Can static, private, final methods be overridden?
  • Explain the most recent project you have worked on (from resume).
  • What do you mean by transparent DBMS?
  • Write a program to decide whether the input number is a perfect number or not.
  • Give different modulation techniques.
  • What is a Real Time OS.?
  • What is implicit cursor?
  • Why do you think you are fit for our organization?
  • When can you override clone method of Object class.
  • Define polymorphism.
  • What is meant by query optimization?
  • Differentiate between ‘a’ and “a”.
  • What is preprocessor?
  • Write a program to decide whether the input number is a prime number or not.
  • What is the difference between Char and Varchar in DBMS?
  • Difference between Macro and ordinary definition.
  • List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?
  • Difference between Class and Struct.
  • What is the difference between white box, black box, and gray box testing?
  • Tell us about the three levels of data abstraction? Which layer is at the user end?
  • Give different types of software model. Which model is best amongst them?
  • Write a program in C to swap two numbers without using a third variable.
  • What is an abstract class and how do you declare abstract method in Python?
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