Capgemini Campus Recruitment 2023 Technical Interview Questions

Every Year Capgemini conducts campus placement recruitment drive hire BE/B.Tech freshers, here we listing top Technical Interview Questions asked in their placement process. It is one of the top IT service based company in World.

Capgemini Interview Questions For Freshers 2020

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Generally in Capgemini Interview questions related to basic Programming, project, Java, Data structure, some depending on Your favourite subjects asked.

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Technical Subjects On Which Questions Aksed.

  • Programming Languages C, CPP/Java, Python
  • Data Structure
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networking
  • Database Management System, SQL
  • Digital Processing
  • Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • AI, ML, Data Science, Cloud computing
  • Project Related questions

Some Examples Of Questions:

  • Differentiate between Primary Key and Unique key.
  • Explain SDLC?
  • List the different storage class specifiers in C?
  • What is the necessity & advantages of OOPS?
  • Write the programming code to swap two numbers without using the third variable?
  • What is networking?
  • What are the different indexes used in SQL server? What are the differences between them?
  • Can you compile Java program in notepad? Illustrate with an example.
  • What is the MS Access and SQL Database?
  • What is cloud computing? Name a few famous providers of this service.
  • What is CSS? What are its uses?
  • Tell us something about Java which no-one has explained to you in campus.
  • What was your role in your major project?
  • What is Memory Leak in C?
  • What is cloud computing? Name a few famous providers of this service.
  • Differentiate between DROP, DELETE, And TRUNCATE Command.
  • What is autoboxing and unboxing in JAVA? 
  • Write a program to check Leap year.
  • Write a program to print Fibonacci Series.
  • Give an example where pass by value gives an error and pass by reference rectifies the statement.
  • Is it compulsion for abstract class to have abstract method?
  • What does SQL stand for? Give some advantages of SQL.
  • Difference between primary and secondary key.
  • Where can one use dataset.clone()?
  • A = 2, B = 8 Write a program to swap them without using third variables.
  • Write a program to decide whether input year is leap year or not.
  • Write a program to write Fibonacci series.
  • What are the basic concepts of OOP languages?
  • What is the purpose of finalize () method in Java?
  • Give an example of some reserved words in Java.
  • What is defect density?
  • Give the formulae for defect density and its significance in software testing.
  • Give example of some reserved words in JAVA
  • What is encapsulation in OOP ?
  • “Abstraction and encapsulation are complementary concepts.” Justify this statement.
  • Give three important data migration tools.
  • What is Normalization in SQL and what are its benefits?
  • Explain the role of garbage collector in Java. What is finalize() method in it?

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