TCS NQT Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers Set 3 | TCS Placement Papers Set 11

View the TCS NQT Logical Reasoning aptitude questions and answers of TCS Off campus placement drive of previous year October 2020 and 2021. Here the latest set number 3 of TCS Nqt logical reasoning you can view all previous year tcs nqt question paper here.

Question 1 :Given below is a question followed by three statements I,II and III, each containing some information. Decide which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

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Four subjects were taught i.e. Hindi, English, Math and Science in four consecutive periods of one hour each starting from 8.00 am. At what time was the science period scheduled?

I. Mathematics period started from 9.00 am which was preceded by hindi

II. English was scheduled in the last

III. Hindi period was scheduled sometime before science
A. Statement I alone is sufficient
B. Statements I and II together are sufficient
C. Statement III alone is sufficient
D. Statement II alone is sufficient

Answer: Option B

Question 2: In the following diagram, the rectangle stands for ‘Engineers’; the circle stands for

‘Teachers’; the triangle stands for ‘Lawyers’, and the square for ‘Doctors”. The numbers in

different segments show the number of persons.

Answer the question on the basis of the information given in the diagram.

How many engineers are lawyers as well as doctors?

A. 9

B. 14

C. 7

D. 5

Answer: Option D

Question 3: A statement is followed by three courses of action numbered I, II and III. Assuming everything in the statement to be true, decide which of the suggested courses of action (a decision to be taken for follow up/improvement in regard to the problem) logically follow(s) for pursuing


Of late, it has come to the notice of the municipal authorities that a large section of people in certain sector are suffering from water-borne diseases

Course of Action:

  1. All the hospitals and health care workers should be kept on high alert to address the emerging situation and proper medical attention to the affected
  2. A body of specialists should soon be constituted to survey water supply network in the city to correct any systematic errors responsible for spreading the diseases
  3. The municipal authority should issue an advisory warning to people not to drink piped water and depend on other water sources
  1. All of 1,2 and 3 follow
  2. Only 2 follows
  3. Only 1 follows
  4. Only 1 and 2 follow

Answer: Option 4

Question 4:  There is a group of five friends P, Q, R, S and T. P is second in height but younger than R. Q is taller than S but younger in age. R and S are of the same age but R is shortest in the group. T is taller than Q and elder to R. P is not the youngest in group.

Who will be in the third position, if all the friends are arranged in ascending order of the heights?

A. Q

B. S

C. R

D. T

Answer: Option A

Question 5: Seven friends P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting in a circular table facing the center.

I. P is between T and U

II. V is between Q and R

III. S is left of U and Right of Q

Who is exactly right of R?

A. U

B. P

C. V

D. Q

Answer: Option C

Question 6: A statement is followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. Consider the statement and decide which of the following assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement


The educational framework now requires to go through a process of change so as to cater to the individuals according to their interests and talents.

I. The current educational system is geared to mainstream individuals without due regard to their unique personalities

II. Learners find less scope for their nurturing their individual interests and talents in the present system

A. Only I is implicit

B.Only II is implicit

C. Neither I nor II is implicit

D. Both I and II are implicit

Answer: Option D

Question 7: A statement is followed by three assumptions numbered l,ll and lll consider and decide which of the given assumptions is/are implicit in the statement


It is better that the newly recruited lectures be given adequate training before assigning them full -fledged teaching duties in colleges.


l. Training would help the fresh recruit improve their job-related skills for improved performance.

ll. The new recruits do not process skill sets before the training is imparted to them.

lll. Training is a formal mandatory requirement which needs to be fulfilled.

A- Only ll is implicit

B- Only l and ll are implicit

C- All of l,ll and lll are implicit

D- Only lll are implicit.

Answer: Option B

Question 8: Given below is a question followed by two statements, l and ll each containing some information. Decide which of the statement (s) is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Among six members of the family O,P,Q,S,R and T, how many are females ?

(i) Q is wife of P and mother of T. Ris grandmother of O and mother of P.

(ii) T is granddaughter of S

A- Both l and ll together are not sufficient.

B- Statements ll alone is sufficient

C-  Statements l alone is sufficient

D-Both l and ll together are  sufficient.

Answer: Option A (Both l and ll together are not sufficient)

Question 9: Read the following information carefully and answer the given question:

A public charitable Organization desires to select a Candidate for the post of Programme Coordinator for a Health Project ,based on the following criteria.

The candidate must (i) hold  BE  degree with minimum 60% marks and above (ii) have an experience of 5 Years in the relevant field (iii) be ready to execute a bond of three years of service.

In case of the applicant who satisfies all other criteria except-at

(a) (i), above but has BE degree with minimum 55% marks but has completed M.Tech with 50% his/her case is to be referred to the Secretary.

(b) at(ii) above,but has 3 years full time experience as a Programme Manager,his/her case is to be referred to the Project Director.

(c) at(iii) above, but is ready to give Rs. 30,000/- as security money,his/her case is to be President of trust.

Based on these criteria and information provided decide the course of action.

Suresh has completed BE degree with 62% marks and he has been  working as Project Manager for last 3 years in a Government funding health project .He is ready to execute a bond of three years of services. What decision should be taken by

A- He would be selected

B- Refer to president of trust

C- Refer to Secretary of trust

D- Refer to Project Director

Answer: Option D(Refer to Project Director)

Question 10: Among a group of fifteen persons seven people can speak in Hindi,8 persons can speak Urdu while three of them cannot speak none of both languages. How many of them can speak both languages  ?

A- 5

B- 0

C- 3

D- 4

Answer: Option C (3)

Question 11: In a certain code, P+R means P is the Son of R; P-R means P is the wife of R and P/R  means P is the father of R.

IfA+B-Q/S, then which of the following is true ?

A- A is the sister of S

B- S is the uncle of A

C- A is the brother of S

D- A is the grandson of S

Answer: Option C

Question 12: In a certain code, P@R means P is the wife of R; P$R means P is the husband of R and P#R  means P is the son of R.

Which of the following equations shows that D is the mother in law of A ?

A- A#D@C$B

B- A$B#C@D

C- A@B#C$D

D- A@B$C#D

Answer: Option C

Question 13:  A Cube is made  by folding the giving sheet, In the cube so formed ,which letter/ symbol will be on the opposite face to the face having symbol ‘%’?

A- (a)




Answer: Option A -(a)

Question 14: Eight Cricket teams A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H played one day matches with another. Every Team played one match with every other team at the league stage in each match. the wrong team earned 2 point and the losing team did not earn any point A won only 1 match ,B lost only one match , C lost 3 matches and earned 2 points more than the D. E earned 4 point more than G and G earned  the same point as that of H,E and F together earned 16 points.

After the league match,the top two teams as per the league points table played the final match and the team scoring the second highest point at the league stage won.

Which team won in the final ?





Answer : Option C – (E)

Question 15:The Two figures on the left of the sign ”::” are related in a certain way. The same relationship holds goods for the second pair of figures on the right of the sign ”::”of which, one figure is missing .Find the missing figure from the alternatives.





Answer: Option A

Question 16: In each of the five pairs of the letter- clusters, the letter in the second term is a rearranged/ transformed form of the letter in the first term in a particular pattern. In which two pairs, has the transformation been done the same way ?






a. B and  D

b. C and D

c. D and E

d. A and C

Answer: Option d

Question 17: There is a group of 6 friends P,Q,R,S,T and U

(i) T is shorter than S but taller than U.

(ii) Q and R shorter than U.

(iii)P is shorter than T but taller than U.

Who is fourth from the bottom when they are arranged in ascending order of height ?

A- (Q)




Answer: Option C-(P)

Question 18: Among 5 object A,B,C,D and E.:

i.  C is twice as heavy as E.

ii. A and D together are as heavy as B and C  together.

iii. A and C together are as heavy as B and E together.

iv. A and B together are one and half time as heavy C and D together.

Which among the five is the heaviest of all ?

A- (B)




Answer : Option D

Question 19: Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate pair of words from the options given below.

Information ___________ defined as a collection of symbols which, ________ combined, communicates a message or intelligence.

A. Can be/ where

B. should/ when

C. Should be/ which

D. Can be/when

Answer: Option D (Can be/when)

Question 20:  


  1. Some papers are pens.
  2. Some pens are books.
  3. Some books are flowers.


I. Some flower are papers

II. Some books are papers

III. Some papers are books

IV. No flowers is paper

A. Either II and III follows

B. Either I and II follows

C. Either II and IV follows

D. Either I and IV follows

Answer: Option D (Either I or IV follows)

Question 21: There is a group of 6 friends P, Q, R, S, T and U.

(i) T is the shorter than S but taller than U

(ii) Q and R shorter than U

(iii) P is shorter than T but taller than U

Who is 4th from the bottom when they are arranged in ascending order of height?

A. Q

B. S

C. P

D. R

Answer: Option C(P)

Question 22: In a certain code, P + R means P is the son of R;  P- R means P is the wife of R and P / R means P is the father of R.

If A+B-Q/S, then which of the following is true?

A. S is the uncle of A

B. A is the grandson of S

C. A is the brother of S

D. A is the sister of S

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Answer : Option C (A is brother of S)

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