TCS NQT Verbal Ability Questions & Answers Set – 2 : TCS NQT Placement Papers 7

The latest previous year October 2020 TCS NQT Verbal Ability Placement Papers of Verbal Ability With Answers. The TCS Verbal Ability sections consist of 24 questions which you have to solve in 30 minutes. Prepare for TCS verbal ability section using this official tcs nqt placement papers.

TCS NQT Verbal Ability Question Set -2:

Question 1: Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

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The security guard _____ leave ended two days ago has not yet reported back to work.

A- whom

B- who

C- which

D- whose

Solution: Option D

Question 2: One part of the sentence below may contain an error. Identify the part. If there is no error, choose ‘No error’

Whatever she said in her defence was not taken seriously by the investigating authorities.

A- No error

B- Whatever she said in her defence.

C- by the investigating authorities

D- was not taken seriously.

Solution: Option A.

Question 3: 
You are going to read a text about fighting pollution. Some sentences are missing from the text. Choose from the list (A-C) the most appropriate sentence for each gap (1-2) in the text. There is one extra sentence that you do not need to use.

A team of scientists at the University of Portsmouth of England has developed a new enzyme that has the ability to break down plastics up to six times faster than standard enzymes, according to CNN (1) ___________ In reducing the amount of non-biodegradable plastic on Earth, enzymes have been used to help combat pollution by breaking down polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chain molecules, the most common thermoplastic that makes up everyday items like single-use bottles, clothing, and carpet. (2)________ The first altered enzyme was called PETase, which will now be connected with MHETase to create the University’s new enzyme protein. Between these two enzymes connecting, PET chains in plastic were found to break down twice as fast as PETase alone.

A- The researchers, who had earlier engineered an enzyme found within bacteria of a plastic bottle combined it with a second enzyme to accelerate the breakdown of plastics.

B- A tool called the Diamond  Light Source was used to map the molecular structure of MHETase.

C- Enzymes, proteins that are key components in chemical reactions within the human body, act as catalysts that speed up the breakdown of substances.

A- 1-B, 2-A

B- 1-B, 2-C

C- 1-A, 2-B

D- 1 C, 2- A

Solution: Option D ( C, A)

Question 4: Select the most appropriate option to complete the sentence.

While MSME’s are waiting ____  the release ___ around Rs. five lakh crore pending payments, no major relief has come their way so far.

A- to, with

B- of, at

C- for, of

D- from, on

Solution: C

For the release, of around.

Question 5: Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

The exotic remedies for some illness have been ________ from generation to generation.

A- handed in

B- handed down

C- handed over

D- handed out

Solution: Handed down

Handing down means passing on the legacy.

Question 6: One part of the sentence below may contain an error. Identify the part.

Either Rahul or Rohit accompany their grandmother and grandfather whenever they go to the hospital.

A- Either Rahul or Rohit accompany

B- No error

C- their grandmother and grandfather

D- whenever they go to the hospital.

Solution: Option A

Rohit accompanies

Question 7: Complete the following sentence by, filling in the blanks (1 and 2) with the right word from the list given below.

As we scrutinize our own faces for wrinkles and flaws, we can fail to notice what a marvelous organ the face is. Our faces are the most (1)_________ part of our visible body, a mysterious mosaic of the physical and psychical. Faces are the body’s workaholics. They confer and confirm identity, express emotion, communicate meaning, perform, (2)______ functions necessary for life, and enable us to experience the world through our senses.

Blank 1) A-distinctive  B-typical  C-average D-classic

Blank 2) A-plan B-Basic C-needed D-compulsory

A- 1-C, 2-B

B- 1-D, 2-C

C- 1-A, 2-B

D- 1-B, 2-A

Solution: Option C ( A , B)

Question 8: Complete the following sentence by, filling in the blanks (1 and 2) with the right word from the list given below.

Compared with conventional agriculture, organic farming uses fewer pesticides, reduces soil erosion, decreases nitrate leaching into groundwater and surface water and, ______ animal wastes into the farm. These benefits are _______ by higher food costs for consumers and generally

 lower yields.

  1. A- recycling  B- recycle C- recycles D-recycled
  2. A- increased B- balanced C- counter-balanced D- encountered

A- 1-D, 2-A

B- 1-D, 2-B

C- 1-B, 2-D  

D- 1-C, 2-C

Solution : Option D ( C, C)

Question 9: One part of the sentence below may contain an error. Identify the part.

Something about the way he spoke stuck a bell in Lauren’s mind.

A- stuck in bell

B- in Lauren’s mind

C- way he spoke

D- Something about

Solution: Option A. (struck a bell)

Question 10:  You are going to read a text. Some sentences are missing from the text. Choose from the list (A-C) the most appropriate sentence for each gap (1-2) in the text. There is one extra sentence that you do not need to use.

Disney is an international maze of parent companies and subsidiaries that leave few corners of the globe untouched, its vast holidays are maze of media networks, film studios, production companies, merchandising ventures, parks, resorts, distribution operations, Finance firms, gaming corporations, publishing companies, construction firms, vacation and cruise lines, music studios, and digital content providers. (1)________ However, the company’s reach spreads farther than many people might think- in movies, and television alone. (2)__________ Forbes ranks Disney- which employs more than 20,000 people —— among top 10 most powerful brands in the world and values the company at more than $238 billion.

A- it is common knowledge that Disney is behind classics like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Lion King’.

B- There is only a seemingly endless web of companies, properties, holdings, and franchises that don’t bear the Disney name yet serve as revenue streams for the corporate empire just the same.

C- Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida re-opened the park in July with new safety precautions in place following months of being shut down amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

A- 1-C, 2-B

B- 1-C, 2-A

C- 1-A, 2-B

D- 1-A, 2-C

Solution-Option D (A , C)

Question 11: Read the passage below and answer the question.

Archeology is based on the scientific method. Archeologists ask questions and develop hypotheses. They use evidence to choose a dig site, then use scientific sampling techniques to select where on the site to dig. They observe, record, categorize, and interpret what

they find. Then they share their results with other scientists and the public.

Underwater archaeologists study materials at the bottom of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Underwater archaeology encompasses any prehistoric and historic periods, and almost all sub-disciplines as Archaeology. Artifacts and features are simply submerged.

Artifacts studied by underwater archaeologists could be the remains of a shipwreck. In 1985, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Robert Ballard helped locate the wreck of RMS Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, killing about 1,500 people. Ballard and other scientists used sonar to locate the wreck, which had been lost since the ocean liner sank. By exploring Titanic using remote-controlled cameras, Ballard and his crew discovered facts about the shipwreck (such as the fact the ship broke in two large pieces as it sank) as well as hundreds of artifacts, such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and children’s toys.

Underwater archaeology includes more than just shipwrecks, however. Sites include hunt camps on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, and portions of the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, submerged due to earthquakes and sea level rise.

What significant information did Dr. Ballard discover about the RMS Titanic?

A- That 1500 people were on board the liner.

B- That the ship had sunk in the North Atlantic ocean.

C-  That the liner had broken into two while sinking.

D- That children’s toys, furniture, and artifacts had also sunk with the ship.

Solution-Option B ( 3rd line of 3rd para)

Question 12: According to the passage, which was the research technology used by Underwater Archeologists to get the most effective visual feedback of the artifacts?

A- Sonar technology

B- Remote controlled cameras

C- Scuba Diving team with cameras

D- Miniature submarines.

Solution : Option B. ( 5th line of third paragraph)

Question 13: 
Which option gives the correct order of the process followed by archeologists?

A- Categorize, develop hypotheses, apply evidence, ask questions, record, dig a site, interpret, observe, share.

B- Observe, apply evidence, record, dig a site, ask questions, interpret, share, categorize, develop hypotheses.

C- Dig a site, interpret, ask questions, observe, apply evidence, categorize, share, develop hypotheses, record.

D- Ask questions, develop hypotheses, apply evidence, dig a site, observe, record, categorize, interpret, share.

Solution: Option D. (First line of the passage)

Question 14: Which of the following are underwater archeologists most unlikely to find?

A- Artifacts and prehistoric features.

B- Portions of an ancient history.

C- Remains of a shipwreck

D- Evidence of previous excavations.

Solution: Option D (Mentioned in fragments)

Question:  Read the passage below and answer the questions.

When behavioural ecologists, Liz Derryberry saw a news report of coyotes crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in March, she immediately thought of her birds. For over a decade, Derryberry has studied the white crowned sparrow and how urban noise has disrupted and degraded the species ability to communicate.

With most San Franciscans staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to seize an unprecedented opportunity to study how this small, scrappy songbird responded when human noises disappeared.

“I realized we gotta do this, and we gotta do this now,” she says.

By recording the species’ calls among the abandoned streets of the Bay Area in the following months, Derryberry and colleagues have revealed that the shutdown dramatically improved the birds’ calls, both in quality and efficiency. Male birds in particular rely on their songs to defend territory and find mates. 

“The songs didn’t change as much as we predicted—they changed even more,” says Derryberry, of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. “It highlights just how big of an effect noise pollution has.”

The research, published today in Science, is among the first to scientifically evaluate the effects of the pandemic on urban wildlife. It also adds to a burgeoning field of research into how the barrage of human-made noise has disrupted nature, from ships drowning out whale songs to automobile traffic jamming bat sonar.

Question 15: Which word does the writer use to describe the extent of research on noise pollution.

A- Improved

B- Disrupted

C- Burgeoning

D- Drawing

Solution: Option C

Question 16: What purpose do the calls of the birds serve?

AThey help the male secure their territory.

B- They help them locate other birds.

C- They show them the direction during flight.

D- They assist them in finding food.

Solution: Option A

Question 17: The passage is primarily about the impact of the pandemic on_____

A- bats

B- whales

C- sparrows

D- coyotes

Solution: Option C

Question 18: The results of Derryberry and her companion’s research were unexpected because_______

A- it revealed that birds did not change their songs or their other habits.

B- It showed that birds migrated from their original homes due to the pandemic.

C- The birds’ songs became fewer and less audible when fewer humans watched them.

D- The bird songs became louder and better when human noises reduced.

Solution :Option D

Question 19 For the four sentences (S1 to S4) paragraph below, sentences S1 and S4 are given. From the options P, Q and R choose the appropriate sentences for S2 and S3 respectively.

S1: COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period.



S4:  Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick it is important to stay at least 6 feet away from others, when possible even if you – or they – do not have any symptoms

P: Social distancing is especially important for people who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID – 19.

Q: Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of people nearby

R: The droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs.


Solution: OPtion A

Question 20: For the four sentences (S1 to S4) paragraph below, sentences S1 and S4 are given. From the options P, Q and R choose the appropriate sentences for S2 and S3 respectively.

S1: Finland’s Helsinki Airport is using a unique method for screening arriving passengers for COVID 19 – specially trained dogs that can detect the virus in humans – even before they show any symptoms



S4: According to the press release “The dog will perform its work in a separate booth so that the fear of spreading the infection is reduced”

P- Those taking the test will swipe with a test wipe and drop it into a cup, which is given to the dog.

Q – Upon arrival at the airport, passengers may be asked to volunteer for the program, and if they agree. Are given a wipe to collect a sweat sample

R- More dogs are currently being trained and should be available for the screening procedure in a few months





Solution: Option C

Question 21: Which of the following sentences does NOT use informal language?

  1. Can we sort this out together?
  2. I sincerely apologise for the oversight
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this information
  4. This is a high priority account, take care!

Answer – Option 2 ( apologise is formal)

Question 22 :For the four sentences (S1 – S4) paragraph below, sentences S1 and S4 are given. From the options P, Q, R, choose the appropriate sentences for S2, S3 respectively.

S-1: Gianni Crea, the head key-keeper of the Vatican, is intimately familiar with the contours of history.



S:4: They traverse a 4.6 – mile route through the museums which see upto 28,000 visitors per day.

P: Almost every morning for the past six years, he’s opened the doors to the Vatican Museums.

Q: Crea and his team of 10 – Five each on the morning and evening shifts – open and close 300 doors every day, mobilizing about 700 employees along with them.

R: Crea has worked in the Vatican for 20 years and as head key-keeper for six.


Answer : Option B (PQ)

Question 23 : Read the passage carefully. Then select the words/ options listed A to D which best fill in the blanks.

Indian-Americans are among the best-educated and economically successful US immigrant groups and share the ideology and political ______ of most middle-class professionals in that country. The most recent Asian American Voter Survey confirms what previous studies have shown. Even when _____ to other Asian American groups, such as Chinese and Koreans, Indian-Americans are the most likely to support the Democratic Party and its candidates. Just 16% of them identified themselves as Republicans.

Blank 1:

a. viewpoint

Blank 2:

a. Caused


Answer : Option A

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