Cognizant Campus Recruitment 2020 Technical Interview Questions


Every Year Cognizant hires thousands of new freshers through Campus Recruitment , Here We are listings Mostly asked questions in Cognizant Technical Interview Questions.

Cognizant Technical Interview Questions :

In Cognizant Mostly questions asked on C, Java, C++, Data Structure, Database, OOPS As Well Operating System And Computer Networking questions. Some Of Example as follows.

  • Programs on Sorting , Searching Selection , Insertion, Binary
  • Basic Programs Prime Number, Fibonacci , Strings etc
  • About Your Projects
  • Difference between C and Java
  • OOPs Features Polymorphism, Inheritance , Construction etc
  • CPP/Java Basics
  • Data Structure Linked list, Array , Tree
  • Basic of OS
  • Basics of Computer Networking
  • Define double linked lists.
  • Differentiate RDBMS and DBMS.
  • Can you tell us something about scope rules in C++?
  • What are the advantages to use stored procedures.
  • Give me a SQL Query to find out the second largest compensation in an organization?
  • Do you think BCNF is better than 2NF & 3NF? Why?
  • Give pros and cons of DBMS.
  • Give me a program to reverse a Linked List.
  • Discuss transparent DBMS.
  • Define significance of constant arguments
  • What is the role undertaken by DBA in databases ?
  • What is RDBMS KERNEL?
  • What is the difference between primary key, foreign key, candidate key & super key?
  • Differentiate exclusive lock and What is Operating System?
  • What conditions lead to a deadlock situation?
  • Explain the concept of flagging a “semaphore”.
  • What is difference between rand() and srand()?
  • Define subquery.
  • What is BCNF?
  • What is the difference between a “semaphore” and a “monitor”?
  • Explain these terms- Linked List, Stack, Queue
  • Define triggers. Give its applications. lock.
  • Suggest a method of joining two tables.
  • What is the “top-n analysis” in DBMS?
  • Write a function to take an into argument and return 0 if the given number is prime otherwise return -1.
  • What do you mean by “normalisation”?
  • Where do we generally create INDEX?
  • What is object oriented model?
  • Define RDBMS.
  • What are reference variables and how is it defined in C++?
  • What are the various forms of normalisation?
  • Why is DML provided?
  • Briefly explain the method you will use to execute an array linked list?
  • What are character constants in C++?
  • Write a program to add two strings without utilizing “+” operator ?
  • Define the terms OSI, TCP, and IP.
  • What are streams in C++? What are predefined streams in C++?
  • Give me a Query to find out the second largest compensation in an organization ?
  • What is the implementation of merge ?

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